Supporting the NationSaudi Vision 2030

As a proudly Saudi organization, SEDCO Capital supports the Kingdom’s efforts to diversify its economy, providing a better future for all its people.

The firm strives to contribute as much as possible to realizing the far-reaching programs that have been established to maximize Saudi Arabia’s wealth of diversified resources. The definitive example is Vision 2030, which has created a number of benefits for global multi-asset managers.

First, it has established a roadmap by highlighting certain economic sectors that are expected to flourish and around which we expect to see increased investment activity. This has provided greater clarity for long-term planning and increased confidence in our investment decision-making.

Another important factor is the increased transparency in reporting macro statistics – a key consideration for global investors – and heightening the inherent potential for co-investors 

Third, we believe that putting Saudi Arabia on the map so visibly will benefit Shariah-compliant investments, and therefore we feel well positioned to create value for existing and potential clients.

Our investments in specific ventures or instruments open up opportunities that have not yet been fully explored in Saudi Arabia. We believe that the evolving market environment will enable firms like SEDCO Capital to attract more foreign direct investment as a result.

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