Introducing SEDCO CapitalCapabilities

Asset Management

Providing best-in-class investment solutions is the core of what we do. Our funds and discretionary portfolio management (DPM) accounts are tailored to each client’s objectives and risk appetite.

Our Luxembourg-based SEDCO Capital Global Funds are acknowledged as the world’s largest and most diversified range of Shariah-compliant and ESG funds.

Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance Department is an experienced sell-side and buy- side advisory resource that provides clients in Saudi Arabia with a combination of in-depth market intelligence research and invaluable decision-making information.

Administration and Custody

Flawless execution, safekeeping and maintenance of assets are key disciplines that contribute to the performance of an investment, from the simplest to the most complex. Our expertise and comprehensive infrastructure minimize transactional, legal, and taxation risks and are integral to our performance.


Our advisory services are tailored to help clients make informed decisions on their investments. Clients benefiting from bespoke services often upgrade their accounts to DPM in testimony to the quality of our services in this area.

Asset Classes

Income Assets
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Public Equity
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Private Equity
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Real Estate
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