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We invest in Shariah-compliant fixed income securities with high credit grades and low risk profiles, as well as other income generating assets such as leasing and infrastructure transactions. Income asset investments represent more than 10% of SEDCO Capital’s total assets under management.

Our fixed income investments in developed and emerging markets are diversified across global money market, sukuk, leasing and infrastructure investments depending on clients’ needs, investment objectives, and risk appetite.

The firm manages and oversees two open-ended funds, one a local money market fund and the other in global sukuks, as well as a number of separate mandates.

Income Asset Objectives

  • Maintaining positive returns by optimizing the credit and interest rate risks of underlying portfolios.
  • Diversifying credit risk by allocating to multiple sectors and geographies.
  • Reducing risk by implementing our strong investment process and diligent portfolio monitoring.
  • Providing liquidity by limiting concentration risks and illiquid investments.


SEDCO Capital offers its clients access to the leasing sub-asset class, as part of the firm’s network of Shariah-compliant private income generating investment opportunities. We are also a Shariah advisor and distribution agent for Atel Leasing Income Fund IV, which targets a net yield of about 6% generated from leasing business-critical machinery and equipment to large US corporates.

The firm can offer clients customizable solutions to invest in leasing through its direct access to prominent leasing fund managers across the globe.

Private Infrastructure

SEDCO Capital provides clients with access to top tier private infrastructure funds in a Shariah-compliant manner. Typically, we select and invest in funds that target core and core+ infrastructure assets in developed markets, with a profit distribution target of 6-7%.

Asset Classes

Income Assets
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