Supporting the NationCSR Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility is a core element of SEDCO Capital’s organizational culture. Our CSR philosophy is based on our ‘Towards Sustainability’ credo and rests on the three pillars of responsibility towards our employees, the environment, and our community.

We believe in proactively establishing the fundamentals of economic, social and environmental sustainability by addressing key issues: creating a locally competitive workforce, empowering local suppliers, following responsible environmental practices, practicing high standards of corporate governance, and initiating innovative solutions for social development.

Riyali Financial Literacy Program

Riyali is a transformative financial literacy program launched in 2012 to help Saudi youth reach their life goals by encouraging financial responsibility and planning – a joint initiative of SEDCO Holding and SEDCO Capital.

The total number of Riyali beneficiaries exceeds 1.3 million. The program offers free interactive workshops for students and young people covering in-school training in 16 cities, and training more than 5,000 teachers who act as ambassadors for the program.

In the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, we looked at what our community needed in terms of support. With the global lockdown putting a heavy strain on the economy – and especially personal finances – Riyali’s practical and inspirational value was never more needed.

Riyali has broadened its remit to include entrepreneurs and help business startups overcome their financial challenges. As part of this new direction, Riyali is creating links with incubators, accelerators, and various Chambers of Commerce within the Kingdom to help empower entrepreneurs and facilitate business success.

Over the coming years, Riyali will grow its reach to benefit as many as two million students and entrepreneurs across Saudi Arabia.

Management Training Program

SEDCO Capital’s Management Trainee Program is a key part of the firm’s CSR initiatives.

The program is a powerful tool for recruiting top Saudi talent and placing the successful candidates into fast-track development to help them become future leaders in the firm. It is designed to equip fresh graduates with strong leadership and technical capabilities through onthe- job training and blended learning and development.

They receive extensive coaching from top-level professionals and follow an accelerated career path with pre-defined and structured development plans. Overall, the program provides a carefully balanced mix of technical and competency-based training, with a special track for those showing high potential.

SEDCO Capital regards professional training as an important corporate social – and national – responsibility, especially graduate training and preparing individuals for the business environment and new challenges that are presented as they advance from purely academic learning to the practicalities of the marketplace.

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