Introducing SEDCO Capital Our History

SEDCO Capital is the regulated asset management subsidiary of SEDCO Holding.

The Saudi Economic and Development Company (SEDCO) was founded in 1976, originally as a trading and contracting company. It was transformed in 1996 into a family office dedicated to managing the assets of the Bin Mahfouz family, in addition to the endowment of Sheikh Salem Bin Mahfouz, a pioneer of the Saudi banking industry and the founder of the National Commercial Bank (NCB, now known as the Saudi National Bank) in 1953.

SEDCO Capital, established as a stand-alone entity on 29 March 2009, is the natural progression from a single-family office into a regulated entity that caters to the investment needs of a number of individuals, families and institutions.

Embracing a regulatory environment imposes transparency, greater scrutiny and accountability thus attracting better talent. Managing a number of families’ and investors’ investments creates scale, reduces investment costs and allows access to more unique and timely opportunities.

Since its formation, SEDCO Capital has established itself as an accomplished and experienced multi-asset management firm with extensive domestic, regional, and international presence.

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Asset Classes

Income Assets
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