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SEDCO Capital is an innovator in Shariah-compliant public equity investments. We were one of the first to onboard Shariah scholars to establish practical guidelines for investing in equities traded across world stock markets, and we were the first to encourage and work with Dow Jones to establish Islamic indices.

We continued innovating by applying ESG criteria to all our strategies and building strong relationships with 30+ equities asset managers around the world*. This drive for innovation provides SEDCO Capital and its clients with a wide choice of investment strategies and themes. We are one of few firms to offer such a large range of regional and international strategies, including both passive and active management.

Our Prudent Ethical Investment (PEI) strategy focuses on companies with lower debt-to-equity ratios. In recent years when global markets experienced significant volatility, our strategies outperformed the conventional market, mainly due to our focus on better-quality companies with smaller debt ratios.

International Strategies

Our international strategies are sub-advised by specialized fund managers diligently selected by our team who apply a stringent managers’ selection process. Our selected fund managers undergo continuous monitoring and regular reviews to ensure they remain top quartile performers and capable of outperforming their assigned benchmark.

Regional Strategies

Our regional strategies are managed in-house with a strong team of professional portfolio managers and analysts. Ideas are generated through fundamental and technical analysis conducted in-house and supported by sell-side research. Our regional team follows a thorough investment process that includes a stringent risk management system.

Investment Philosophy

Active management

We identify and exploit market inefficiencies through active management, achieving superior performance for clients.


A local team with global perspective: by sharing information, we leverage the aggregated talent of our expert team.


We strive to execute transactions efficiently and cost effectively.

Focus on risk

We constantly focus on the measurement and management of risk in our investments, portfolios, and across our business.

Macro understanding

Analysis of countries, currencies and interest rates drives the identification of our macro themes.

Security specific

Extensive bottom-up analysis is employed to identify future winners.

Local presence

Strong ties with local and regional investee companies result in added value opportunities.

Fundamental research

Sound and thorough fundamental analysis is critical to successful investment decision-making.

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